Risk Management

Although there are risks associated with all events and activities, managing those risks does not have to be complex. Below you will find links to several resources available from the Office of Risk Management to help you proactively manage event risks and avoid, prevent, reduce, and transfer losses, liabilities and litigation. In addition to a comprehensive list of risk factors lower on this page, events considered of high risk include activities involving:

  • alcohol
  • food
  • fire or explosion risk, including fireworks and bonfires
  • bands
  • travel
  • animals
  • athletics or sports
  • large attendance
  • use OF non-OSU vendors or contractors (link to below)
  • facility use TO non-OSU organizations (link to below)

If you have additional questions regarding managing risks for a particular event, please contact the Office of Risk Management.


Risk Resources:


Risk Factors

Below is a list of the top 50 risks to mitigate in event planning. While this list is comprehensive, it is not all-inclusive. Please contact the Office of Risk Management for questions regarding risk mitigation tools. 

  • Sale and/or consumption of alcohol or drugs? Minors present?
  • Size of crowd?
  • Poor communication system?
  • Children attending?
  • Inexperienced security?
  • Poor signs (exits, etc)?
  • Slippery surfaces?
  • Weather conditions: heat, cold, rain, wind?
  • Exposure to theft of property?
  • Fireworks?
  • Hazardous event activities?
  • Behavior of performers?
  • Admission of bottles and cans?
  • Event cancellation or performer no-show?
  • Inexperienced organizers?
  • Use of locations not designed for events?
  • Over capacity crowds?
  • Vandalism?
  • Rioting?
  • Use of private security not approved by OSU Department of Public Safety?
  • Terrorism?
  • Festival-style seating?
  • Insufficient budgets?
  • Falling objects?
  • Free and uncontrolled admission?
  • Long weekend and holiday events?
  • Use of animals?
  • No parking lot security?
  • Stage rushing?
  • Many volunteers?
  • International attendance?
  • No evacuation plan?
  • Poor perimeter fencing?
  • Admitting weapons or menacing objects?
  • Low stages, Long lines and waits?
  • Poor ventilation?
  • Slow emergency response?
  • One-of-a-kind and first-time events?
  • Athletic events?
  • Use of contractors (food, entertainment, etc...)
  • Loaned or rented equipment? Insurance in place?
  • Sale of product? Product Liability?
  • Non-affiliated group using OSU property?
  • Travel?
  • Bonfires?
  • Hay Rides?
  • No prior notification of event to Office of Risk Management , Department of Public Safety, Environmental Health & Safety
  • Food? Call Benton County Health for safe food handling advice.
  • Field Trips (see field trip guidelines)?
  • No Insurance coverage